Dedicated Server Pre/Post Delivery Checklist

GM-Innovations do not just deliver you a server ... we provide you with a business tool ready to be used from the first login. At GMI we perform:

  • Server side setup of primary domain and nameservers
  • Set up WHM e-mail notifications
  • Default Secure WHM Tweak Settings
  • Disable Anonymous FTP
  • Default Secure EXIM Configuration
  • Install IP's
  • Set Resolvers
  • Enable Shell Fork Bomb Protection
  • Enable Php open_basedir Tweak
  • Disable the system's c and c++ compilers for unprivileged
  • Set up System Mail Preferences
  • Secure /tmp, /var/tmp, dev/shm/
  • Install 7dana Cpanel theme along with ALL RVSkin themes.
  • Install 9 additional WHM themes:
    Canarias (canarias-es)
    trueblue( trueblue-es)
  • Install and setup the following AddOn Modules
    Cpanel Pro
    Addon Updates
  • Install and setup the following AddOnScripts
  • Install MRTG Port and bandwidth monitoring
  • Install RVSkins
  • Install Fantasico
  • Install WHMXtra, offering the following extras:
    Allows you to view files and directories on the server as well. Can also edit, move, copy, rename and delete files as well as create new files and folders, upload files and change ownership and permissions
    Log Viewer
    This allows you to view various logs, including apache errors, mail logs, cpanel errors as well as search your server for illegal MP3 files, movie files and several other types, including IRC and BNC's. Also allows you to view any file or directory on the server as well as update the server databases. Can also view server logs by file size or alphabetically.
    Delete logs and tmp files
    Allows you to delete various server logs and also to clear files out of your /tmp directory safely should it become full without fear of deleting important system files (eg mysql.sock)
    View /IP/bandwidth
    Each cpanel server has a bandwidth monitor located at their main IP with /bandwidth/ on the end. But to get there you have to manually type the URL or paste it into the browser window. This link allows you to load these pages right into WHM for easy access.
    View MRTG graphs
    Configurable to link to your own MRTG graph(s), loads the page for viewing right into WHM (requires MRTG to be installed).
    Run RKhunter
    Allows you to run RootKit Hunter, which can be installed from the Tool Box.
    Update Xtra
    Allows you to update Xtra from within WHM.
    Tool Box
    The tool box is a compilation of scripts that allow you to do various tasks on the server normally only done via command line.including:
    RG Security
    Allows the install and updating of APF (Firewall), BFD (Brute Force Defender) and RKhunter.
    Reinstall/upgrade MySQL.
    Fix FTP
    Reinstall/upgrade pure or pro FTP.
    Fix Exim
    Reinstall/upgrade Exim.
    Fix RNDC
    Fix RNDC issues with named.
    Package Account
    Allows you to package up and restore individual cpanel accounts.
    Allows the install, configuration and updating of System Integrity Monitor.
    Multitail and Mytop
    Allows the install and updating of Mutitail and Mytop.
    Allows the configuration of APF and various other files (httpd.conf, php.ini etc).
    Generate 404's
    This link will allow you to generate 404 error files for those that do not have them. This cuts down on the amount of read/writes to the error logs and makes for less reading when viewing the logs. You have the ability to choose between .html, .shtml files and even use your own custom file. Can also make your own page (using html code) right from the script.
    Fix Quota's:
    Cpanel's fixquotas script normally only runs from an SSH commandline window. We've modified it to work from within WHM so next time your quotas get out of whack you can fix them without having to use SSH.
    Fix Home Permissions
    Another cpanel script modified to work via WHM instead of SSH. Allows you to fix problems with home permissions via WHM.
    Fix Everything
    Cpanel script modified to work via WHM instead of SSH. Allows you to fix problems with home permissions, quotas, mail permissions and a few others via WHM.
    Secure tmp
    Cpanel script modified to work via WHM instead of SSH. Allows you to secure your tmp directory via WHM.
    Secure it
    2 Cpanel scripts modified to work via WHM instead of SSH. Allows you to secure your server a little bit more by shutting down some uneeded services and ports.
    Remove old backups
    Modified 3rd party script to remove old cpanel backups for accounts no longer on the server. Free's up space on your backup drive without manually having to find and remove the backups.
    Fix dual horde inboxes
    Modified 3rd party script to to scan for users with two horde inboxes and combine them into one without losing any mail.
  • Configure links
    Allows you to configure the links for Fantastico, RV Skins, MRTG, support and billing.
  • Wget/Lynx
    Allows you to disable and enable wget and lynx via WHM. Just a bit more security.