High Impact Hosting VS Standard Hosting

The Higher end packages are the same in the two categories, but the lower end packages are not. The difference between the two types is to cater for sites that have high performance demands on a server. Some sites, due to the nature of their business model or scripts they use, cause much higher than normal load on a server, but not in the primary measures that packages tend to be measured by (that is, disk space and bandwidth use).

Instead these sites use very heavy Memory and CPU resources, and are a disproportional drain on a server, so we can not realistically host them at the same low prices as more 'normal' sites.  Many hosts will not host these types of sites at all, or will allow them on the server, then terminate them when they cause high load, according to some fine print clause in the terms of service.

Some examples of these type of sites are Search engines, Surf exchanges, and various 'Get-Paid-to' types of sites.  Any sites of that nature must be hosted on a High Impact plan.

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