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GM-Innovations advises that you take all possible steps to improve security on your local computer. Doing so will help protect your PC, your personal information, and your website.


- Keep your passwords safe!
Don't use personal information (like your street name, last name, etc.). Use a different password for each site. Make passwords complex. Change your passwords frequently.

- Keep your personal information secure

- Keep your computer software up-to-date

- Use a safe web browser

- Always keep your firewall turned on

- Enhance your security, consider using OpenDNS

- Know how to spot phishing

- Be careful clicking on links in e-mail or instant message

- Don't open an e-mail attachment from someone you don't know

- Only make purchases on trusted sites

- Be careful what you download and from where

- Make sure that your internet connection is safe, consider F-Secure

- Avoid "Looks Too Good To Be True" e-mail offers and websites

- Log out completely from your accounts

- Turn your computer off when not in use

- Keep your computer and mobile devices locked using strong PINs and passwords

- Clear your browser cookies, history, and cache

- Don't save your login information on public computers

- Be careful what you post online - limit the personal information you share

- Check your security and privacy settings on websites

- Use the optional security questions available on some websites

- Watch your children online

- Stop unsolicited email

- Run full system scans with up-to-date security software
Comodo is a highly recommended security package for Windows PCs that can be used for free:
* For more security software options, see the Twitter links below

You can find more tips at:





Twitter accounts to follow for security issues:

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